3 easy tips to fix avoid bad hair days once and for all

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    Possibly anything worse than a having bad hair day?

    Luckily, many of them are actually avoidable. Celebrity hairstylist Rodney Cutler stopped by NOWADAYS Monday to show how to correct common crochet weave with straight hair disasters through quick and easy tricks.

    1.Cut bouleversement
    How do you do it without setting up a disaster? Try the point-cutting technique. Use a comb towards section off bangs and after that point your household scissors up toward your hairline. With this technique, imperfect cellular layers create a softness that will search natural and move readily. With its mulitple layers, this specific trim also makes it out of the question to have a major mistake.

    As soon as going in for a change, stay in command by bringing in pictures in addition to examples of your desired glance. This is the simplest way to a person and your stylist on the same internet page. Cutler also recommends applying yourself as a visual design. Come into the salon donning your weave hair colors how you like it top. That way, your stylist will see what look works best for your personal lifestyle.

    2.Color mishaps
    Personals who choose to color their head of hair often spend hundreds of us dollars every four to six weeks to maintain the planning. At-home hair color touch-ups can put less anxiety on your wallet and keep your own personal color looking fresher, more. All you need is the right approach to touch up your roots.

    Choose adding dye to the sweep (less is more! ) in addition to applying on the roots all over your face first. Then go along your natural wild hair part in small portions.

    3.Style blunders
    While your blow dryer seems like a simple scalp tool, it's one that a lot of us are using incorrectly. According to Cutler, blow drying your own best weave for natural hair is just about the hardest techniques to really expert. To make the process easier even more efficient, he suggests pre-drying your wet locks after running your fingers through your scalp and letting it air dry ahead of time. This step cuts down on time and decreases heat damage.

    Another master tip? Make sure to use the perfect hair brush for your sort and texture. Straight scalp? Cutler suggests a flat comb. Wavy hair? Try a rounded brush.

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