Thieves want your weaves, dreadlocks

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    "Every day we have people getting in our salons offering selling dreadlocks, because they know that men and women will be buying them. Individuals sell the dreadlocks, which can have belonged to them (or not), know that there are a lot of ladies want weaves and dreadlocks but cannot afford the high-priced ones. But our beauty parlors are frequently full. To have the interweave stitched to your hair in addition to styled costs R300.

    "Then we have Brazilian, Peruvian, Of india and Malaysian weaves for the purpose the prices start from R1 400. But the Brazilian weaves will be the most popular ones and the most women are paying for the malaysian human hair bundles. Typically the Brazilian weave will last you actually about two years. The hair market place has become very big for Cape Town because lady wants to look beautiful, lunch break she said.

    Ntando Ngwalolmane, the manager at Indoni in Cape Town, talked about their dreadlocks salon have been completely very popular since 2010.

    "Our place is always busy, in addition to dreadlocks have become the new part of Cape Town. Yes, many of us also have people coming in this article every day wanting to sell deadlocks. They know that our customers prefer them, that is why they are providing them here.

    "The dreadlocks are especially popular in winter, mainly because in winter a lot of women don’t like to style their own 100 virgin hair bundles. These prefer coming to us, making sure that we can put the dreadlocks quite a few them, " she talked about.

    There have also been reports for criminals targeting people with dreadlocks and cutting them direct from their heads.


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